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Construction Engineer


With a combined 60 years in construction, Dan Di Rocco and Ralph Ricciuti, the owners of Dima, live and breathe our simple philosophy - build every single element of a project to perfection and deliver a flawless finished product so that the client is proud of their property. Our team of skilled and experienced construction professionals, just as passionate as Dan and Ralph, take pride in designing and delivering a project that reflects your lifestyle and adds to the overall character of your home or business.

With over 25 years in low-rise residential and over 3000 homes under our belt, including subdivision and custom homes, we commit to ongoing exceptional craftmanship and innovation. We strongly believe that high quality construction begins with uncompromising selection of raw materials. The best of designers and developers need the finest construction material and hardware to inspire them to give their best and carve out a building that is as much the pride of the property owner as the construction firm. We at Dima Homes follow a strict regime of securing premium material from only the most reliable manufacturers for all our projects. Reputation is more valuable for us then saving a few bucks - and this is seen in the quality of our work.


We offer our services for the following types of construction works:

  1. Custom Home Building

  2. Commercial Construction

  3. Land Development

  4. General Contracting

  5. Project Management

We’re honored to be the favorite builders of major auto companies of the world - Ferrari, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Subaru - who have chosen us to design and construct their majestic dealerships in GTA.

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